Thursday, November 22, 2012

blackout wednesday is a fucking stupid term, but it totally makes sense.

I'm trying to deconstruct the allure of hometown bars around holidays.  Post-high school, pre-family years back at your parents with nothing to do but drink with old friends.  That's cool.  Actually, it's really cool.  But why aren't we all just drinking beers in a basement or walking around old neighborhoods with a bottle of wine?  There's some illogical appeal to running into old acquaintances and then having awkward, unfulfilling 2 minute conversations with them over the enormous sound of some stupid song you've heard a couple times while waiting in line for a Subway sandwich.  The conversations you want to get out of the second after you see the other person, make the widened eye contact of recognition and start walking toward each other.  The hugs are uncomfortable, you don't remember the names of the two other people your old pal is with, and your beer cost a dollar and a half more than it should have. I dunno man.  Maybe it's like drugs where the chronic user keeps using even though they don't enjoy it. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

vote r die

Today, some people in America are voting on who will be the president of America and on other things.

Last night, I finished White Noise by Don Delillo, and I think that's much more important to the scope of American living.