Thursday, April 22, 2010

i lost my keys

at work today. i walked a delivery down the block and remembered fucking with my keys because they were clankin around on my keychain. when i got back to work, realizing i lost them, i retraced my steps and found nothing. these keys were kind of important, because i was working as a delivery driver and was rendered pretty impotent without them. i called tim, woke him up from sleeping at amber's and had him drive to our house to look for our spare. my room is a mess, and he couldn't find it. he drove to work, picked me up, drove me back and we both looked for about 15 minutes. got flustered as heck, finally found the key, he drove me back. got in my car to go home after an hour or so of frantic searching.

my keys were in the ignition.


  1. Ha ha ha, I love you. This is not funny at all, but I can imagine your face throughout this whole ordeal. I'm glad you found them!

  2. Pretty good metaphorical summary of philosophy

  3. My Keys Were In The Ignition:
    A Critical Analysis of The Inorganic Merging of Existentialism and God

  4. I'm all for some organic merging, myself

    so just now I'm putting tiger balm on my leg and then I scratched my ween and oh holy shit