Monday, June 27, 2011

to begin again

An impulse to restart an amateur internet writing career really is tough to reconcile when you have little to write about. It's like snapping on a speedo and some goggles in the middle of a drought parched prairie. Not only is the endeavor rendered fruitless, but you get scratched up by the dry grass and chiggers. I feel like a bunch of chiggers are biting my shavedtoaerodynamified ankles right now.
And really, all I can think about regarding what I write is that I know I cannot write poetry. So, a poem:

a blog loaded like a cannon
aimed at the infinite emptiness
of the internet
is really a great way to imitate
the dredges of living
and sitting on my couch
watching to catch a predator.
those pedophiles sure are fucked huh?

1 comment:

  1. This morning, i looked at this post and thought, "wow, i tried way too hard here." The need to tone down the language became very clear. "just be straightforward and write what needs to be written, scott." Then i remembered why i stopped blogging in the first place. Two word posts that don't make sense to anyone but oneself are no fun for anyone.