Monday, November 28, 2011

Plans to Read a Book and Enjoy

Plans to read a book and enjoy a nice cup of coffee at the nice coffeeshop down the street from your home can change quickly. As soon as the caffeine hits, you can't concentrate on the words you're reading and they start reading themselves and you've gone through two short stories and you don't even remember their clever titles.  You feel like a real dummy when the title is the first sentence of the story like an ee cummings poem or something.  But you're too busy listening to people thank each other for meeting there tonight to bounce ideas off each other about entry level plans within the industry. Or thinking about how nice it is to be reading this book, but you'll probably get stoned later and you won't to be able to read, and you'll probably try, and it will probably turn out just like this. Reading pages of a book but forgetting what you've read.  But you saved half of an al pastor burrito and bought a Heath bar with the specific purpose of smoking pot and eating them later. 

Coffee can turn an empty Monday night into a serious question of one's place in this American landscape.

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