Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reconcile what you care for with what you actively defend with reality and one day we all must die: inter v intra v inner v outer: Fatal Four-Way

Last night I used the term "blood money" in a political debate, and today embarrassment replaced the angry conviction. You should never get incensed and raise your voice and lecture your father about blood money. You should Instagram pictures of his nice things and take phone calls during peak conversation opportunities.


  1. hi Scott. somehow i only just read your comment on my blog from 2011 about how you stumbled onto my blog after reading Sombrero Fallout and typing things into the internet. i hope you liked my book. sorry i never replied at the time. i think 2011 was a weird year for me. i don't know. hope you are well and thank you again for buying my book.

  2. I really did enjoy your book. It sits between Less Than Zero and The Mezzanine on my bookshelf.