Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The new Sun Kil Moon starts off with a torturous one.

How two things can often be the same
yet on investigation distance themselves
like one piece of hair splits
into two from the top

Oh how the weak were born to be bold
dreams of justice even layers
as their visions age to old
the bird outside the window flies from view

but the snow does not, well
it does but it doesn’t as one leaves
another flake enters the frame sometimes
bigger than the last sometimes

two for every one that leaves
bargain basement clearance snow
that is like comfort behind bricks
wood and large walls of windows

like it is a good thing
the sad scene in the romantic
comedy where she stands upset and
alone and looks up as it falls on her face

Oh, how easy it is to break
sight from sound from mind
into twilit not reveries but something like it
to sit inside and look out.

Have you heard the one about the girl that burns to death?

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