Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My numb digits

Today my blood was tested for anemia and diagnosed with Raynaud's disease.  It's not as ominous as it sounds, and mostly means that my fingers and toes get colder than they should.  This normally happens when the temperature is, in fact, cold.  Or when there's lots of stress involved.  

I was told to get fill my body with the ginko biloba, and i think i could boogie with that.

drunk friends in my house and i just got April fooled with a bucket of warm water on my socks, and it warmed up my toes real good.  

Now drunk friends are  playing a Woody Guthrie song that convinced my dad that Woody Guthrie wasn't an activist and made me laugh right in his face.  I felt awkward about it, but sometimes that guy is a dummy.

PS. The positive correlation between more people sharing a fridge and the speed of your personal stock of food disappearing is as astounding as it is frustrating.  Godfuckingdamnit my almond butter is gone.

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  1. Hi Scott-- Thanks for your kind comment. If you have any questions (that may or may not help with your presentation), feel free to email:

    Yes, I am coming to ISU. I'll be reading next Friday (good Friday, good, indeed), so please spread the word.