Sunday, April 12, 2009

When You Talk About Music

Last night was a silly time.

The Cubs won in fine fashion, and I made my way to the place where all the cool kids hung out.  I talked to Roxanne for a while, and probably came across as a young weirdo.  But she's used to hanging out with young weirdos.  She made at least one.  I think we had some nice talks about Bruce and beers and the F word.  
I also talked to some girl that is an aspiring astronaut.  I've never met anyone that planned on doing something like that, but I suppose it's just as romanticized as playing rock and roll or changing the world with books.  
I fell down and my sheets are bloody this morning.  Not in any sexual conquistador manner.  I mean my knees are scabbed over and looking gross.  I probably looked like a doofus when I was walking home with Austin during our soft and stoic talks.  

I don't know what I'm attempting to do with this post.  I just woke up in a blur and now I'm going to eat breakfast.

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