Thursday, June 18, 2009

Losing your shit in silence in dark in nowhere in florida is a hell of an experience. It fills a notebook up real quickly and leaves you with sleeplessness in a sweaty van and a kind of hangover the next morning. Attempts at optimism are necessary.

The past week has been wild if nothing else. Drunk on the beach by noon central time in Savannah to bump into friends from central illinois was certainly interesting.

a night in philadelphia with a good friend to discuss the finer points of feelings.

a boner story in dc that rivals the majority of the boner stories i've been involved in.

north carolina handed us one of the more ridiculous gatherings of people i've been involved in, propositions galore with the added bonus of Four Loko, an interesting 24oz combination of caffeine, sugar and 11% alcohol.

a burnt skin now keeps me feeling uncomfortable but alive, and the lack of knowledge regarding sleeping arrangements or evening plans makes me want to read more books instead of giving a shit.

I plan on sweating and conversing for the next few days.

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