Friday, February 5, 2010

(this bridge) radiohead is still sweet

work went by quickly tonight, and i kind of enjoyed it.
then we cracked out the vaporizer and i remembered how much i enjoyed that wild thing.
and then we made a playlist full of the indie rock music we listened to in high school when we felt we felt like punk rock wasn't cool anymore. and then we listened to punk rock music we used to think was really cool.

i still think punk rock is really cool.
and i'm glad this playlist is going to be on until i fall asleep.


  1. Today I listened to a Nigerian soccer player own an interviewer on the radio. Some British player got suspended or something for having an affair, and the nigerian is like, who the fuck cares? This is why we continue to win, because you guys worry about stupid shit while we worry about things like speed and points. The British dude proceeds to mention how the British soccer player should conduct himself a certain way because he's a representative of his country, and the Nigerian says, in an awesome accent, "What are you talkin about? He run around an kick a ball."


  2. I think that our conclusions on Bigwig were pretty fucking great. Actually, I think a lot of the things we come up with after 2 am are pretty fucking great. I'm making a mix for my 10 hour work shift called "all the motherfucking jams you wanna hear when you start your day off with 3 episodes of Saved By The Bell." Alone In New Jersey is on there.