Wednesday, March 31, 2010

friendly philanthropy or unecessary materialism

so i bought this new computer two weeks ago and then got a check from my dad as a graduation gift. it so happened that i originally had just enough money to buy the computer i bought, but it was kind of a shitty laptop you'd buy for someone that only wants to surf the world wide web and maybe type a word doc or two. i felt rich for a week with the excess cash and thought about blowing it all on maker's shots for myself and my friends at bars for the next month, but today decided on an impulse to just buy a nicer computer. i returned the old one on the last possible day (according to my receipt) and spent an extra few hundred dollars on something i'm actually proud to call my computer.

the factor that fucked with me the most at the end was "Am i really willing to give up the 5 or 6 hours i've spent on icewind dale 2 in order to own a computer that is more than a word processor?"

I eventually went with yes, and as soon as i reinstalled the game, i regretted my decision.

but really, i'm happy to have another new computer.


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