Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a tiresome process of rebuilding

so as i've probably compained to you about, my computer and external hd crashed within the same few days. i am left with a clean slate and a lot of my own blank stares. i am a spectrum of fairly to severely upset about the loss of pictures, writings, and music that i've taken, written, and sang, respectively.
speaking of, if anyone has any bridges burning or scalping project they would like to send to me, i would greatly appreciate it. maybe i'll just make a facebook post about it now and will probably get a much faster response.

however, the rest of the music i lost is not such a bother. in fact, the laborious task of reconstructing a music library based on what i enjoy now, rather than what i've enjoyed over the past eight years is kind of exciting. i think it will be a good thing to get the long musical loves back, but also start an almost entirely new library of music i enjoy here, today.

wish me luck.

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  1. You know, the second part was the best part for me whenever I got a virus or something like that. It's like rooting through old records for a garage sale. My favorite thing was finding out that I only really listened to like, 7 albums. And about the writings, hey, now you're like lil' wayne. Start writing music you never thought you would, because now it doesn't have to match any style - that style is effectively dead. You can think of it of having no physical body of work.
    By the way, did you try hooking the hard drive up to another system as a slave? Usually you can save most of the material that way.
    Another way is doing that and then partitioning it, but I forget how to identify the corrupted sectors.

    cheers mate