Monday, October 24, 2011

Wrestling is cool, dudes.

Big Show is ok, but big men are still lame.

He's got so much momentum.

Programs filmed in front of alive audience in Mexico but broadcast to American television have an interesting added layer of pandering to the crowd.  The contexualized instances of the annunciation of national identity are completely different and skewed.  UltraAmericanized formalities turn into a double farce or something.

Cody Rhodes is such a good heel.  Incredible.  Orton needs to fight for the IC belt at Survivor Series.

Sheamus' music is the fucking worst.

The amount of legacy wrestlers out there today is astonishing.  Multiple top billers, mid-carders, and low-rung schmucks that are sons and daughters of former superstars are consistently broadcast, and I wonder if this is just a new phenomenon to me because I haven't watched for a few years, or if it's something that's plowed through the WWE recently.  I hope lil DiBiase has a job for a while.

Watching Smackdown by yourself late at night really fucks with your brain.

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