Monday, May 25, 2009


what a weekend.

vacation time to the max. Lakehouse+too many beers+inappropriate adults+bacon for breakfast+more beers and a boat+diapers. That made for a good friday and a little bit of saturday.

excited to hang out all night at the kitchen on saturday. smoked hash. watched mikey puke. passed out before midnight. felt lame when i woke up in the morning.

drive with muffler dragging. drive while treads rip off of tire. drive 80 mph swerving from shoulder to shoulder of a highway and spill mountain dew and freak out the cars behind and think death is imminent. manage to gain control of car and successfully change a tire.

different lakehouse+too many beers+inappropriate adults+bar+mischief+endless requests for tracks off of Thriller+sick dance moves+cigarettes with adult women+cigarettes with creepy men who want nick's balls+100 stolen beers+a wig+adult women spilling long islands and apologizing profusely+latelatelate night golf carts to meet up with all of the people we just met+dankweeds+converge. now what the fuck are we supposed to do with a trunk full of stolen beer?

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