Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yesterday Kyle gave me a bouquet of flowers. I took it with me to the city. Rohan gave his to the liquor store owner. I carried mine everywhere we went with the intentions of brightening a lonely person's day. After a long night and a lack of stereotypically depressed girls at the bar, we left, standing outside, making plans. A girl came up and asked for a cigarette, and I must have done something rude or standoffish as I handed her one, because she said, "seems like you are sad about a girl." She became my late night, drunken psychologist and I let it all out on this stranger. She demanded details and more details and gave stern advice like an angry talk show host. We talked for about fifteen minutes, and then Ross called her a bitch. I got sort of upset with him, but then I gave the girl those flowers and said goodbye. I hope it made her happy.

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