Friday, May 29, 2009

tired, old and bitter and really fucked up

I'm going to get too drunk tonight. then i'm going to go swimming. then i'm going to kiss kyle holmer on the lips. maybe tongue. i'm going to hang out with my sister's friends, and we'll talk about the few things we have in common, like knowing my mom is totally sweet. then i'm going to go swimming again. maybe naked. then i'm going to make a fool of myself and wake up embarrassed. my life is predictable in this town, but i am still excited about it.


  1. A piece of trashy apathy for you, my friend:

    Stroke of genius,
    stroke of luck?
    Stroke a penis,
    don't give a fuck.


  2. i don't give a motherfuck. run up in a nigga's house and shoot his grandmother up.