Tuesday, July 5, 2011

of sickness and money

i woke up sick today and have been denying it for the duration of the day. clearly it isn't going to do me any good, so now i have to come to terms with the facts and accept it. my name is scott, and i have a common cold. this morning i got frustrated with my cigarette habit. i smoke too many of them and they do do much less than they used to in terms of qualming anxiety in social situations. while they've always been an enjoyable outlet of consumption, the ratio of dollars spent to happiness or relief felt is all but a sure thing if we're talking vegas odds. it's got me thinking, however, about deeper issues of how money and self destruction manifest themselves in folks overall.
oh nothing with a point. just that these things do things to people without them having the slightest notion that they are profoundly and irreparably changing into the skin a reptile leaves behind.

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