Thursday, July 28, 2011

When I see the parking ticket on my floor, I think about death.

The things that keep someone from doing other things are probably not as complex as they present themselves.  Today, I have to do my laundry, but I don't have any detergent.  I suppose I should go get some.  Instead, I will probably do things like start reading a new book or try and finish an old one, do two sets of curls in front of the tv, update my blog from my couch, listen to Otis Redding and feel unentitledly connected to his words. 

Besides all of these distractions, how does one shop for laundry detergent?  It's something I do on a semi-annual basis, which definitely doesn't leave enough of an impression as to what I should be looking for in a detergent.  Super color resistance and bleach stain remover beads and lavender mountain breeze scents.  I just don't want to smell like a smelly kid in this heat. 

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